Measure 29-161

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We wish we were contacting you with an invite to a friendly community event.

Unfortunately, this time we need to tell you about a very dangerous and irresponsible measure has made it’s way on to the May ballot.

The question on the ballot will read “Should Tillamook County officials be prevented from enforcing most state, federal, and local firearm regulations?”

The term “officials” means anyone working for the county (law enforcement, judges, the DA, clerks, etc.). These individuals would be personally fined up to $4,000 for enforcing state and federal laws. Businesses could be fined up to $10,000.

Imagine any one of these public servants being faced with the decision of keeping the community safe by enforcing a federal law or avoiding a huge fine.

Your help is needed to defeat this measure. We are launching a county wide awareness campaign that will get messaging into every household in the county by the end of the month.

There is a web site up at where you can read the full ordinance, donate, and find more information.

Please help by donating and sharing this information.

Thank you.