Support the Library Option Tax

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The Local Option Tax celebrates our right to choose. It allows us to demonstrate our continued community history of demonstrated commitment to enhance our personal and children’s quality of life by providing opportunities for growth and learning that is literally not available in many communities.

Supporting our Library with the Option Tax sets an example for our children and grandchildren of how important it is for each succeeding generation to renew their commitment to their community. This commitment provides a means for all of us to grow and prosper, not just as individuals but as an extended family who recognize and maintain their commitment to each other.

As citizens, none of us relish the prospect of paying more taxes. We don’t like the idea of turning our hard earned money over to a politician, to do with our money as they please or whomever lobbies them the most.

The beauty of the Local Option Tax is that it enables each of us be our own lobbyist and give their money to those public institutions that we truly value and support……our local Library!

Please vote YES on renewing the Library Option Tax.

Jack Bloom
Manzanita, OR