Cool Cruiser Bicycle for Sale

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Text: 360-359-1253, Local Manzanita
PHAT cycle black bicycle with wide 3-inch tires $50. Has 2 of 3 gear/speeds working, and is otherwise functional for cruising around. Coaster brakes (you pedal backwards to engage the brake.) wide seat. Seat and hand grips might be leather and are in good condition. Heavy duty bike. Bike has wear and tear, mostly from riding in and around Nehalem Bay SP, by me and the previous owner. As far as I know this has always been a Manzanita bicycle.
I fixed a few issues with the bike which has a Shimano Nexus 3 speed hub which can be touchy. It’s probably a grain of sand preventing the 3 gear to engage. You can try your hand at overhauling/restoring it and the rest of the bike, but I’m done for this lifetime.
Text: 360-359-1253