in2Egress – Casting Call and Preproduction Trailer

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My name is Drew Reid and I am a local filmmaker and videographer. In early June I will be shooting a 25 minute short film based on an original script, using a local cast/crew and set around the Nehalem Bay. The film is called in2Egress and this is the plot.
After 17 years in a state psychiatric facility, Henry Tohl is returning to his hometown. Local apprehension is surpassed only by his family’s dread of the truth Henry is bringing with him.
Henry looks to be in his early to mid 40’s. I’m not looking for an actor. I’m looking for an original personality. Memorizing is not necessary, just a solid grasp of the dialogue. The role will take 8-10 hours over 2-3 days which will be worked around your schedule. Contact Drew at if you are ready for this kind of challenge. Cheers, Drew.
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