Home/office honey/maple syrup run this TUESDAY (3/29)

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Jeff and the JW Merc “Honey In A Hurry” delivery service will be out in the county this coming TUESDAY (May 29, 2022) bringing jugs/jars of all sizes to your doorstep. Raw honeys from the NW-US region include: Carrot, Poison Oak, Foothills Snowberry, Coast Range Wildflower, Mint, Raspberry Flower, Clover-Meadowfoam – and more (most quarts are $25).
Real maple syrup from the single-family farm in Vermont comes in both glass ($10 and $16 sizes) and “jug” style ($8, $14 and $42 sizes).
YES – there is more best-grade (OG/EV/Unrefined) coconut oil – quarts ($20 and full gallon only ($70).
YES – there are handmade caramels from McMinnville – four packages for $10.
Minimum order $25 per stop please – I am scheduling 20 total stops – pre-orders are required – contact Jeff directly with questions/orders: via e-mail here, text to Jeff’s cell: 208-424-0042 or through the JW Merc Facebook page.
See you on TUESDAY!!! jw