ISO Small Office Rental for Remote Work

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I just recently moved to Manzanita from Portland and I’m happy to be here!

I’m looking to rent a small office or desk space where I can work remotely during the business week.

Currently, I work full-time for Nike as a Color Designer for Running Footwear. During the last two years of the pandemic, I have worked remotely. I occasionally make a day trip to the Nike campus in Beaverton to work with my teammates.

The nearest co-working space I could find online is located in Astoria. I’d love to find something a little closer to the community where I’ll be living (within 40 minutes of Manzanita).

I’m open to creative ideas for workspace options — a local business or office with an extra room; a tiny house, shed, yurt, or RV; an office in someone’s home while they’re out of town, etc. If applicable, I’m happy to caretake (ie. plants and pets) while renting the space.

Ideally, I’m searching for a workspace that has:
— privacy (preferably a door to close while I’m on Zoom calls)
— a desk and chair (or space for me to bring my own desk and chair)
— reliable access to WiFi
— space for a small filing cabinet to leave materials overnight (will stored beneath my desk)

I’m hoping to rent the workspace 4-5 days a week from 9 AM to 4 PM. That said, my schedule is flexible depending on the availability of the space.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or recommendations you may have.

Mica Russo