If you only read one thing about this disgusting war…

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This is it. From 2019. Yeah, 2019.

Rand Corp is an insider “nonprofit”, mostly funded by grand arbiters of loving-kindness such as the Pentagon, etc., that provides policy analysis that almost invariably promotes warfare and/or exploitation of markets and lives.


Some Highlights:

“Providing lethal aid to Ukraine would exploit
Russia’s greatest point of external vulnerability. But
any increase in U.S. military arms and advice to
Ukraine would need to be carefully calibrated to
increase the costs to Russia of sustaining its existing
commitment without provoking a much wider conflict
in which Russia, by reason of proximity, would have
significant advantages.”

Read the whole thing, and then compare to what’s happening now. It ain’t what they’re telling us ANYWHERE in the corporate press. Hmmm.

“That doesn’t mean that Putin is not still a gangster—of course he is.” – Dr. Cornel West

You don’t like it? Wanna voice dissent? Well you will be censored, deleted, cancelled, smeared, given a dehumanizing label (in EVERY corporate network, newspaper, social media…) Wanna donate $50 to an opposing political party or protest or simply join one? Don’t wanna take your mandated injections? Don’t support the Banker’s war? Wanna speak out against the new biosecurity/registration/surveillance/financial control system being built right now? The one that will know in pretty much real time that you’ve been a “bad actor”? Well, they’ll simply freeze your assets and block your access to ALL government and corporate services… no job, no travel, no buying, no selling, no medicine…no deal. Hear the door creaking shut on a once “open” society. These tools will be used to repress EVERYONE, not just “right wing extremists”. Unless we do something.



PS – I’m a liberal Buddhist, and I pray daily for the wellbeing of ALL people. I do advocacy work for local undocumented folk, etc. etc.  Not trying to virtue signal here, but we’ve been conditioned by the media to make certain assumptions about ideas outside the corporate narrative. I’m not a “Right Wing Extremist”, “Antivaxxer”, “Trumper”, “Racist” or any of the myriad new dehumanizing labels being foisted on good people (conservative AND liberal, of all colors, creeds and orientations) every single day by the corporate press and their acolytes… sowing discord and hatred…you know, because diversity of opinion is a threat to a free society? Dangerous times indeed.  

Happy to discuss with anyone. It’s about time we do. Self censorship is the final adherence to the coward’s path, and well, life is short.