More 5 Dollar Items

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First picture:

Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer-puts comforting moisture in dry rooms to help with coughs and stuffyness due to colds and allergies. Has a nightlight and auto-shutoff. 1.5 gallon capacity.

12” x 12” Umbra Magnet Board

Adjustable Curtain Rod-extends from 48” to 84”. Comes with 3 brackets and the screws to hang them.

Conair Multi-speed Hair Dryer

Travelon Wrap N Rest Neck Pillow-cradles neck, head and chin for full support while sleeping in a sitting position. Soft two-tone gray fabric.

Big Red Rooster Premium Sound Machine-10 natural sounds (rain, brook, ocean, thunder, white noise, summer night, song bird, heartbeat, waterfall and rainforest) to help you fall asleep easier, sleep better, and to mask background noises.

Photo 2: Round Plastic Laundry Hamper-24” high, 16” wide at the top, 12” at bottom.

Photo 3: 20” x 36” US Army Bag, couple tiny holes. Big things won’t fall out!