DELUXE Outdoor Chair

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Stop sitting in chairs at the beach or campsite that will leave you with back pain! This baby has all kind of back and butt support. No sagging. It’s a life saver.

If you’re over 200 pounds and cheap chairs creak when you sit in them, this one is rated for 350 pounds. Or maybe even 425 pounds, it’s listed two different ways in the product description online. Maybe you like to have a kid in your lap, no worries.

Essential cup holder right within reach for putting in long hours at the beach or around the campfire.

Would be great for a patio too.

Folds up for easy storage.

This one is more on the tan side than the green in the amazon screenshot.

Future you is going to thank current you for buying this chair!

Asking $40, only used on one camping trip, about 7 days.