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A few observations about the Freedom Convoy truckers:
When is a minority of a minority enfranchised to demand the resignation of a sitting head of state in return for ending a siege? This feels somewhat like Ammon Bundy and the Three Percenters in the U.S.
Didn''t the Timber Unity truckers demand Kate Brown''s resignation a couple of years ago in Salem?
Ottawa person-on-the-street interviewees had a hard time expanding on the rights/freedoms that had been so egregiously abridged. Perhaps that''s because the comfortable seldom have cause to think about them?
The Canadian military (unlike its U.S. counterpart) is mustering out active-duty service members who participated in this uprising. Also unlike the U.S., law enforcement was savvy enough not to turn protestors into examples of police abuse.
Not surprisingly, the link attached to this post takes you to a website that also features the fringy video [Nuremberg 2, Covid-19 as a crime against humanity] that D. Gainer posted on BBQ a few days ago. I''m also not surprised that the truckers'' cause has been embraced by Fox News and a dozen of the most unctuous and craven U.S. Senators.
Careful what you wish for.