GGeneral Interest: Truckers Taking Back Power

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Truckers Are Restoring The People’s Power
Suddenly, with the massive truckers’ strike in Canada, people are beginning to take their power back worldwide. That’s because this is not a one-day demonstration. It is not declaration signed by thousands doctors and scientists. This is not an accusation or expose. It is a massive physical protest that is shutting down the capital and Canada’s supply line — for a year or two, if necessary — until demands are met!
It is a physical take-over of Canada to get the COVID mandates revoked. Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy Coming to US shows that Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada went into a convoy of 2,700 trucks entered Ottawa, Canada’s capital, on January 29 to protest his Covid-19 policies including mandatory vaccination for truckers entering Canada through the US-Canada border. Dubbed the ‘Freedom Convoy’, it has amassed support from all sections of the public.
The convoy is 45-50 miles long with supporters lining highways and overpasses all along the route. The protests received a boost when farmers joined. According to Twitter users, hundreds of farmers have arrived in Ottawa in their tractors. Since January 23, the group’s Go-Fund-Me page raised over ten million dollars Canadian to cover the cost of the journey and to take care of truckers who have settled into Ottawa. It is a growing protest against the COVID “vaccine” mandates that is inspiring the world and is reportedly coming to the US in March.
Freedom Convoy: Canadian truckers, more protest vaccine mandate reported on February 4 “The organizers have joined forces with locals and are supplying the needs of the truckers, showers, hot meals and food. While some of the trucks are lining the streets of Ottawa, many are parked in fields around the city. The group is committed to remaining peaceful, are guarding monuments, shoveling snow, playing hockey, picking up garbage and feeding the homeless…”
Freedom Convoy: Longest Convoy In History!
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau goes into hiding as farmers join truckers in protest against vaccine mandate reported on January 30: “the truckers have been camping near Parliament Hill and demanding reversal of all vaccine mandates in the country. A truck driver Harold Jonker told BBC, “We want to be free, we want to have our choice again, and we want hope – and the government has taken that away.” He further added, “The intent is actually to stay until all these mandates are dropped. Some people can stay one day, some people can stay five days but all the truck drivers are used to camping in their trucks all week long. We are staying here until we can go back to work.”
While Trudeau dismissed the truckers as a “fringe minority”, Freedom Convoy: Canadian truckers, more protest vaccine mandate reports: “The convoys officially broke world records on the longest convoys in history with many over 40 miles long! The total number of trucks is of yet unknown but it is in the tens of thousands. American truckers have also joined. The Canadians citizens have rallied to the cause and at every overpass and side road they gathered waving flags, holding signs and giving out supplies to the drivers.”
Freedom Convoy – Canadian Truckers Inspire the WORLD! reported on February 3 that Corporal Bulford, Prime Minister Trudeau’s head of personal security for 8 years, just resigned and joined the truckers! Bulford is a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The video explains that the truckers’ movement is turning into a working class revolution in Canada. The truckers and farmers are handing out a pamphlet called “Project Inform”.