What/Where is the Focus in Manzanita?

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What/Where is the Focus in Manzanita?

We have been told for years that the City of Manzanita is in urgent need of a new City Hall. Years of ineffective planning despite all the ‘consultants’, maintenance negligence, lack of
vision and failed funding efforts have brought us to this point.
The current leadership have rejected the value of sustainability by refusing to consider renovation of the much loved old school despite a lengthy professional engineering report (WRK) stating
its structural integrity. The lay politicians have declared it otherwise. By contrast, vision and leadership is on full display in Cannon Beach with a Mayor and Council that is remodeling their 1950 Elementary school and quonset hut to create a
‘Model Community Center”. The Cannon Beach remodel costs clearly confirm that an Underhill remodel could save $1.5 million or more over the Council’s own estimate of a new build and free
up money for other needed City projects.
The City Council have rejected the value of our history and architectural interest of the old school. Future generations will condemn us for this short sightedness. Instead, the citizens will get bulldozed into accepting the outdated, overbuilt concept the
politicians prefer.
It is curious, then, as the projects ramp up (Tillamook Headlight Herald 1/15/22) why there is an effort to DUPLICATE emergency services as an add-on to a future City Hall. This makes no sense. With a state of the art Fire Station less than a
mile away complete with 7 bathrooms, a daycare facility, multiple meeting rooms and sophisticated communications center. Huh?
And a medical clinic closer still.
The diffuse approach to the city hall project by council reflects their inability to focus and get the building done. Keep the focus on city employees so they can conduct the city’s business and not on expensive, superfluous pet projects that get in the way.
Endorse the values of sustainability and value our history and those who have put their stamp on the community.
Linda Ballard
Manzanita Homeowner