Housing for Fantastic Loving Humans

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Hello Community,

I have been living in the area for 14 years, and most recently Ronan and I have been living in Nehalem in our own place, and it has been such a blessing in our life. He is currently going to the public school here and doing well and I am working in Manzanita.

Plans have changed with what the home owner wants to do with the house and the unit in which we dwell; so we have to find a new place to live within the next couple of months.

The search is on! Again!

A studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, or a shared housing opportunity are all acceptable options. Ideally we would love a little space to garden and the chance to have a cat. Most importantly we are looking for something peaceful and stable.

As many of you know we are two very kind loving respectful humans. Easy to work and communicate with. I have great personal, work, and rental references upon request.

Looking for- something in the Manzanita, Nehalem, Wheeler area so we can stay close to work and school-

And a joyful healthy place to live!

Contact me if you have any thoughts, ideas, or a space : )

Ariel Wolf