Lost Elderly Chuiaua

Submitted By: Baltizaar09@gmail.com – Click to email about this post
Our 14yr elder dog got out & dug from under the fence in Bayside Gardens Nehalem. She will be running scared along streets. It’s s race against time as she will not survive the Coyotes in the area. Please help if you can keep a watchful eye!
We rescued her 13 years ago in Portugal & she’s our heart.

Missing cat off Tohl road

Submitted By: Aqualineocean@gmail.com – Click to email about this post
Nimki was last seen Sunday morning on Mar Sea lane. He was spooked I think by the Rottweiler that has been coming into my yard. Please contact me if you’ve seen him! My girls are very sad, and just lost their grandpa. Help us find Nimki!!
He is very sweet and if he lost his collar somehow I could see someone wanting to keep him. But he has a loving home and is very missed. If you’ve seen him around please
Call us!

Missing Painting

Submitted By: becky3353@gmail.com – Click to email about this post
I am missing a painting that I had in the Art for the Heart show at NCRD. If you mistakenly took this please return it to me. I have this painting in my art inventory and it’s also on my website. www.beckychappellart.com
I will be contacting NCRD but they weren’t open today.


Submitted By: hollyhawkmay@icloud.com – Click to email about this post
Missing “R”
Has anyone seen Wheeler’s “R” ?
Hard to miss- large, white, looks like an upper case “D” with 2 legs.
May have taken off with some teens or decided to get a facelift in someone’s workshop.
I heard rumors it was hoping for an ocean view and wanted to take over the “A”
joining the letters in “ManzanitR” and has been in contact with the “G” on the hill in Garibaldi.

If you’ve realized there’s no place like home “R”
We still have a humble place for you in the marsh grass on the bay off the hwy. Please come home!
No questions asked.


Submitted By: nan@nanryderdesigns.com – Click to email about this post
Dear Wheeler Neighbors,
My beloved 7-year-old large Siamese cat named Bugsy has been missing for several days now! He’s an indoor/outdoor cat that lives up on 3rd street off of Gregory, up behind Wheeler post office. Wheeler neighbors plz, plz check your sheds, etc in case he accidentally got locked in somewhere. I am still hoping for the best, he’s very large, handsome and smart Siamese cat.
Thanks, Nan

LOST wool hat – blue/green with white sheep – in Manzanita on Monday

Submitted By: Kirby.voos@gmail.com – Click to email about this post
LOST WOOL HAT IN MANZANITA – A friend just returned from a trip visiting family and her birthplace in Great Britain and purchased a wool hat that is very precious to her. We were walking on Monday in Manzanita near her home and believe it was dropped near 4th Street and Treasure Cove Lane. The hat is black fleece lined wool with blue/green background and white sheep. If anyone has seen it or happened to picked it up, please let us know. Thank you! Kirby (and Jane, that hats owner)

Losd dog found!!

Submitted By: arlingtonhart@gmail.com – Click to email about this post
Hello all!

After receiving a call from a member of the community who spotted Luna, we were able to successfully rescue her!

The BBQ came through!

Thank you to the person who spotted her, during the rush of emotion, I couldn’t recall your name, but we are eternally grateful to you.

Good things happen, thank you all!!

Lost Dog around Miami Foley: Luna

Submitted By: arlingtonhart@gmail.com – Click to email about this post
Hey neighbors,

Luna went missing around 1 pm yesterday about a mile down Miami Foley from Mohler, just before Foss Rd.

She is a small, tri-color Australian Shepherd mix, about 30 Ibs.
She is hesitant to approach strangers and unfamiliar dogs, and she may be hiding underneath something in an attempt to seek shelter.

If you have any information as to her whereabouts, see her walking down a road, or hiding underneath something, please contact me at 845-616-6954.

Missing Kitty

Submitted By: kkonruff@gmail.com – Click to email about this post
Helping a friend whos beloved Kitty has gone Missing.

Moon is our very beloved Kitty. She is a wild child and lives indoor/outdoor. She is a tabby with lots of orange coloring, including a little orange “flame” on her forehead. If you’ve seen her please know she has a home – she is very loved and cared for. Please call or text 503-819-9400 if you have seen her.
She went missing in the Spyglass/ Necarney area of Manzanita.

Lost Eyeglasses

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I lost my BRAND NEW prescription eyeglasses. Have not seen them since I was at Manzanita Park around 10:15-11:30 am Wednesday July 20th

They were in the case (I think), a bigger plastic Lacoste hard clamshell case. Gold rimmed metal frames. Lord it was nice to see so well for a couple of days— please let me know if you have any leads!

Thank you
Skye Archer
(503) 739-1939

Lost Red Husky on Oregon Coast

Submitted By: soheelee1985@gmail.com – Click to email about this post
‘Lost Red Husky

Name: Uni (Pronounced Oo-knee).

Age: 4 years old.

Gender: Female.

Color: Red and White coat with blue eyes.

Weight: 45lbs. A bit smaller, stockier than average huskies. (Will probably look skinnier now)

Lost in Ecola State Park on June 11th.

Last Seen: Short Sand Beach and NeahKahnie Beach on 7/6/2022.

Note: She was wearing a white biothane buckle collar with a name tag on plus a black e-collar high up on her neck at the time of her missing.

If you spot her, please DO NOT APPROACH OR ATTEMPT TO LURE HER. Keep a distance and call me ASAP 419-787-8331 with as much detail as possible.’

Missing Female Tuxedo Cat

Submitted By: alayawyndham@gmail.com – Click to email about this post
Hello Wheeler Neighbors,

Early this morning, our female tuxedo rescue, Wave, escaped our home. We live on SPRUCE ST. in Wheeler. Wave, just under 2 years old, is skittish and lives indoors, previously being too scared to venture more than a few feet outside of our house, and not without her twin brother Tide being there. It’s highly unusual that she’s gone far enough to go missing, so we are very worried. We have searched extensively on our property, and surrounding natural areas, including up and down Spruce St., and through the neighborhood. Wave is half of a deeply-bonded twin pair, and her brother is distraught about her disappearance.

If you live in Wheeler, and especially on Spruce Street, please keep your eyes peeled and ears open for meowing. If you are up for it, even check out potential hiding spots like bushes and sheds for us, we would be so very appreciative.

If you see her or think you see her, please CALL or TEXT Alaya: 206-618-9705 or Chad: 503-778-0174. We can also be reached by email: alayawyndham@gmail.com and cbash@rinehart.org.

She is micro-chipped. We have also cross posted on Facebook, and Instagram for sharing purposes.

Thank you for your help! Let’s bring Wave home!