Plants for Sale

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I know we have a winter blast coming next week but the skunk cabbage, willows, and filberts say spring is coming. This wet weather is a great time to get trees and shrubs in the ground (though you might wait till the middle of next week) Indian plum, Evergreen huckleberry, Red flowering current, all the conifers, vine maple, native honeysuckle and roses, and lots of others are waiting for homes
Give me a call, text, or email if you’d like to take a look
Hope Stanton, Aldervale Native Plants
503 812-9965

End-of-January local honey

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Jeff will be set up this coming TUESDAY to say ‘buh-bye’ to January with a brief “pop-up” in downtown WHEELER from 1-4 pm – in front of the building where you find Pelican and Piper (across from the train stop at Hwy 101 and Rector).
Older handmade caramels priced to move (GREAT with apple slices)
regional bee pollen, real Vermont maple SUGAR (perfect match in coffee) – and there will be a couple dozen quarts of Yaquina River raw Blackberry Blossom honey – stellar – $28 each.
Contact Jeff directly with questions or pre-orders: by text – 208-424-0042, via e-mail: or by instant message through the JW Merc Facebook page.
See you on TUESDAY in WHEELER!!! JW

FREE furniture

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Well, this is the last of it.. come and get it! Pick up in Wheeler. Needs to be gone ASAP. Please contact Lynda to coordinate pickup (971) 344-2495 call/text
— Wicker couch: approx. 6’x3’x3’
—Futon: (has been disassembled and brought down to the first floor for easier pickup and transport) approx. 5’x5’ cushion extends further

FREE-300 Gal. Rubbermaid Stock Tank

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FREE- 300 Gallon Rubbermaid Livestock Tub

We no longer need to use this – maybe you have goats, ducks, calves????

Please email or text Lori
Cell: 503-801-0774

Thank you, we just want this to go to a good use!

(Can text photo, having trouble with jpeg. It is black and round, approx. 3′ tall and 4′ across)

Local Handy Man Services Available!

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Please Call me to discuss jobs @:
(Please No Emails)

Good Morning Nehalem
I’m a local, a father of 3 and trying to pick up some extra work.

If you have any projects needing attention.
Well then, I’m you guy!

I have many skills & wear many hats.
My skills include:
*Licensed driver
* Errand runner
*Yard work
*Painting (interior/ exterior/ cars/ toys)
*Skilled Car Mechanic
*Pet Sitter & Walker
*Heavy Equipment Operater

and Lots more!
If you have something in mind that’s not listed…
just ask me
Most likely I’m your man!

Have a wonderful day!

Miscellaneous Items, tool, & art for sale

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Calls Only PLZ NO Emails:

2ft x 3ft antique pirate trunk $100

Beautiful Outdoor Marble Fire Pit Table w/ 4 Rocking Chairs included. $350-

Outdoor white Wicker patio furniture $350

Vintage Rod Iron in or outdoor furniture (round table & 2 chairs) nice patina $150-

12 Inch Hunting Knife w/ Leather Holder $100-

Contracting Stud Finder Kit worth several 100 asking $100-

2 Electric Paint Spray Guns for interior or exterior $75- for both

Various Custom Canvas Paintings & Canvas Photography Prints in assorted sizes. Wave & Beach Themed.
Each painting or print will be priced differently depending on size etc. We will send pix via email, text, or schedule a viewing
for interested buyers.

Logging Boots Size 9 and 10


Boots Size 9 for sale

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Boots for wet or dry / work or daily use.
Super comfortable!
Size 9:

*Whites Logger boots
(Originally $400) asking $100

*Denner Camo military jump boots
asking $50

*Mucks rubber ankle boots
asking $50

*Gorilla Hy Test Steal toe boots
asking $50

All are water proof and I added cushioning insoles for arch and back support.

Plz Call:

Fabulous hair cuts!

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hi all,
i am writing to recommend someone who has great talent in cutting all kinds of hair.

i’ve been getting my hair cut by Pam Stevenson for about 10 years now. for the last 5 years perhaps she has changed her business from a set location to COMING TO YOUR HOUSE to cut your hair. how much more convenient can it get?

Pam is equally talented in cutting men and women’s hair, curly, straight, longer or shorter. my hair is wavy/curly, and i have friends with straight hair who also love Pam’s haircuts.

Pam charges the ridiculously low price of $20. honestly, you all, i pay her $30, because that’s still less than it would cost in a salon. and it’s worth every $ to know that i am going to like my hair cut! Pam will still tell you $20, and that’s fine with her too.

she could use more work, so i suggested i get the word out for her through BBQ. she was in agreement that i should write this and include her phone number.
503-801-6684. her range is north Tillamook county.

om peace namaste
lucy brook

BAYBAY is hiring!

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We are looking for a new part-time team member to join us at our fun furniture, homewares and plant store, BAYBAY in the heart of Nehalem!

The role would include working as the sole store staff some full weekends and sometimes odd weekend days. Starting ASAP!

If this sounds like something that would suit your passion and lifestyle please email us at or pop into the shop to say hi this weekend or next.

Tama and Ali

2023 ArtLight Quotation Calendars Available

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Maybe there’s a blank space on your wall where your 2022 ArtLight Quotation Calendar used to hang??? We have a few 2023 ArtLights still available. I would be happy to send one, or two, your way…. $25 includes first class postage to any US address. I will ship to your belated New Years’ list of recipients for you.

For those who have the 2022 ArtLight, you can use the pull-out order form inside your calendar to place your order. Another option is to visit our website:

Mail orders also accepted — just send us your check:
ArtLight Media
32175 Upper Nestucca River Road
Beaver, OR 97108

2023 represents ArtLight’s 26th year of publication. Inspired by my 2-year participation in Susan Walsh’s original 5-woman “Hero’s Journey” Workshop (1994-1996 — known as “the guinea pig group”), the first ArtLight was conceived and created in 1996 in response to one of Susan’s final prompts. I made it as “a life-changing gift” for 75 friends who had helped me move three times on the North Coast after I arrived from Dallas, TX in 1992. Those friends asked if I would “Please make the ArtLight Calendar again, for 1997” — they wanted to give them to their friends. I was soooo touched. And we’ve continued on, year after year, even beyond the studio fire in 2006, and Covid, and aging. With a lot of help from our local friends, we now ship our little jewel world-wide to a wide community of fans.

I am filled with gratitude for all that ArtLight has come to mean to so many households in so many places.
Thank you, North Coast, for supporting me as an artist! Thank you, BBQ, for making it possible to grow a business among friends! Thank you, Dear Friends, for your good hearts.

With Love,
Dana Cunningham Anderson
ArtLight Media
32175 Upper Nestucca River Road
Beaver, OR 97108
(503) 398five8zerozero

Another News Daily Dies in Medford, Oregon. Does Anyone Care Anymore?

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Another News Daily Perishes in Medford, Oregon
Does Anyone Care Anymore?

By Ellis Conklin

The struggle proved too much to bear, and Medford’s Mail Tribune did what some 2,500 other American newspapers – more than 10 percent of them dailies – have done since 2005: It rolled over, like a whale upon the sand, and died.

What made this particular death unusual was the abruptness of its closure earlier this month – on Friday the 13th, no less.

Typically, a death by a thousand cuts precedes a newspaper’s demise. The torture begins, perhaps, with the slash of the paper’s travel budget, or moving into less expensive office digs.

It usually ends when the paper falls into the greedy hands of out-of-state investors who gut it for what it’s worth and pretend that round after round of layoffs will eventually revive the washed-up beast, or that living on a digital format might be the ticket to salvation.

In both cases, that seldom works.

The Medford Mail Tribune was one of Oregon’s oldest news organizations. It was the first paper in the state to win a Pulitzer Prize, in 1934, for exposing corruption in its own Jackson County, now the largest population center in southern Oregon, home to almost 224,000.

The Mail Tribune, notes Seattle Times “Free Press editor” Brier Dudley, stopped producing a printed edition in September and closed down a sister daily, the Ashland Daily Tidings, in 2021 – a year before New York City removed the last of its 30,000 public payphones.

Two other Oregon newspapers, the Lee Enterprise-owned Lebanon Express and the monthly Rogue Valley Messenger in Grants Pass, also shut down for good in January.

Mail Tribune publisher and CEO Steve Saslow announced the paper’s sudden departure on its website, saying that all unused paid subscriptions would be refunded.

“This was a difficult business decision,” lamented Saslow, whose Rosebud Media bought the paper from Gatehouse Media in 2017. “The shuttering of this institution is a real loss for all constituents in Southern Oregon.”

Help may be on the way for the venerable publication, however, which I will get into a bit later in this story.

. . . . .

What happened in Medford is not at all unusual. It is happening everywhere. The economic gravity of keeping a newspaper airborne is failing. Medford. Oregon’s eighth largest city, is a pleasant enough working-class community of 120,000. Residents rely far more now on tourist dollars than money once generated by logging or railroad jobs.

The crime rate is high, as is the city’s unemployment rate. Its politics are red. Meth remains a problem, as does its poverty level. Some high-tech firms have moved in in recent years, attracting to cheap land. Also, the Medford area has become a magnet for retirees

But compared to it next-door neighbor, Ashland, with its trendy restaurants, cozy B&B’s, and overpriced boutiques, largely fueled by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival – though its attendance has not rebounded since the pandemic – Medford is predominantly a city of Have Nots.

Still, the Mail Tribune died from the same fundamental disease that has inflicted the entire industry.

Simply put, older people, those who grew up with newspapers are passing away and younger people either get their news electronically, or from a wide variety of other outlets, or they don’t simply care to read.

So, what to make of this? Shall we pass the peas and move on? Have we grown numb to yet another tale of woe about the inevitable extinction of print?

. . . .

As I was beginning to write this article for Post Alley, an old friend and Anchorage Times colleague Drex Heikes, former editor of the Los Angeles Times Magazine, sent me a story with an intriguing headline: “Dreams of Newsrooms Now Gone.”

Written by Steven A. Smith, former editor of The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Smith talks about having spent most of his life in newsrooms and he finds himself dreaming of them.

Wrote Smith: “I suppose all professionals view with affectionate nostalgia the places where their careers started, flourished and ended. But there is no workplace like an American newsroom.”

Smith, who turns 73 in June, began his 42-year-long career, which included nine newspapers in eight cities, at the Eugene Register-Guard, now a gray ghost of its colorful, hard-charging past.

“The rooms all shared those qualities of clutter, novice and smell. But it was the people who made them memorable,” Smith went on. “Journalists are by nature different. They are outsiders, cynics, neurotic iconoclasts. And very smart.”

I was able to interview Smith by telephone last weekend. He told he never worked at the Mail Tribune but knew several fine journalists who got their start in Medford.

“The paper had been struggling for years,” Smith said. At its zenith, 38 reporters worked in the newsroom, but the day it locked its doors, less than a dozen were on hand.

“Things will get even worse for the newspaper industry in 2023,” predicted Smith.

. . . .

And now, hopefully, some good news.

EO Media Group plans to open a brand-new paper in Medford, as soon as the first week of February. It will begin as a three-day-a-week newspaper and it will be called the Tribune, with an editorial staff of 14, which may eventually employ 32 people.

Named for its East Oregonian newspaper, EO has become a media force to be reckoned with in Oregon. It owns 14 newspapers from Astoria to Pendleton and in 2019 helped save the Bend Bulletin after its parent company filed for bankruptcy twice.

EO, however, has experienced its share of fiscal pain in recent years. The company laid off 47 people in 2020.

The president and CEO of EO is Steve Forrester, a fourth-generation Oregon journalist and one-time editor and publisher of the Daily Astorian.

“The Forrester’s are an Oregon treasure. They are old-fashioned news-first people who believe the primary role of a newspaper is to serve the community – not make money,” Drex Heikes told me in a text message.

“All in all, this is good for Medford.”

Time will tell.

Outsmart Overeating Course for Women-Begins Monday

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Outsmart Overeating for good.  

The Outsmart Overeating course for women begins on Monday, 1/30 and registration is open:

This is a non-restrictive diet, body-positive approach to weight-loss for women. 

The Outsmart course meets for 8 weeks on Zoom and uses a blend of mind-body-spirit approaches that are grounded in science and centered in the heart.  

We explore aspects of brain science, deepen emotional skills, and apply practical tools for sustained weight loss.

No amount of self-criticism, restrictive eating, or special diets will keep the weight off permanently.
Equipped with a plan, resources and support, significant change is possible. 

It’s never too late and you are never too old.

Dr. Alicia Grace is the founder of Nourish with Grace; a non-diet weight loss program and community for women who outsmart overeating with neuroscience, self-compassion, and self-love.
Dr. Grace is also a counselor in private practice guiding women through significant transitions and the integration of mind, body, and spirit.
Instagram: @NourishwithDr.Grace

psyllium husk power

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5 unopened new 12oz net weight bottles of NOW brand psyllium husk powder, exp date Nov 2025.

Bought this product before and it was the coarser grind that sprinkles easy, but this batch is really fine and clumpy. After trying everything with the 6th bottle I gave up and threw out the fiber. It is possible to break it up by shaking violently in a jar with water, but I was still turned off by it.

So I have these 5 sitting in a box and will pour the powder out and recycle the bottles if there’s nobody out there who actually likes this really fine, really clumpy consistency and wants these.

Post Pie Day Shout-Out

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With a very successful pie day behind us I just want to share my appreciation with a few folks who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this wonderful event come off without a hitch. These three women, Vivi Tallman, Constance Shimek, and Evelyn Mast, spent many, many volunteer hours contacting potential donors and bakers and working through a myriad of details involved in planning an event like this. The money raised because of their efforts and the incredible generosity of our “Manzawheelam” community will go a very long way to improving the condition of our 100+ year old Grange building.
Also I’d like to give a special shout out to Gayle Stephens and Sue Crist for all their help decorating to make the Grange look so amazing and to all the other Grange members and local folks who volunteered their time and resources. And last but certainly not least, to all the business owners and individuals whose generous donations helped to make Pie Day the huge success that it was.

Thank you all!

Outcall Massage

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Outcall Massage Available In Manzanita
Friday Massage Apts Available for Massage and Bodywork. 60/90/120 min Apts available for Massage Reiki and Lomi Lomi. Couples Massage also available with two weeks notice. Message me or e mail to book.
Or call (503)484-4963 23 years experience! Licensed in Oregon and Hawaii

Join us on January 27th from 1 – 2 pm to learn more about Rainy Day Village Network

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Please join us on Friday, January 27, from 1:00 – 2:00 PM to learn more about Rainy Day Village.

Not only can you be a member to receive services, but you can volunteer to provide services. Opportunities to join the leadership team are also available.

Visit our website for more information about Rainy Day Village or to submit a volunteer application form.

New CERT classes begin in March

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New CERT class starts in March. Click the link to find out more and register for the series of classes through April, leading up to your certification.

You’re also invited to our public event, on February 4th, celebrating EVCNB’s 15 year anniversary. You can learn more about the CERT program, EVCNB’s role in community preparedness and other educational and volunteer opportunities.

Click the link below to learn more about our celebration event!