Free couch

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Free couch, very comfortable. Medium tone beigh/brown color. The two end seats recline. No tears, from a non- smoking home. Must be picked up on Sunday August 7th or Monday August 8th in Manzanita. Very heavy, will require 2 people to move. Height 36 in; Depth 37 in; Length 91 inches. Contact- 206-713-6803.

Voter Rules

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Posting on behalf of Kim Rosenberg

Voter Rules

My husband Ben and I moved here full-time in May of 2020. Our house on Edmund Lane was a licensed short-term rental at the time. Like a lot of people we rented it to cover our mortgage and used it as much as we could. When Covid forced Ben to teach on-line and my health worsened we decided to try living here year round.

Manzanita was in the run up to a contentious election then–in fact, our whole country was. I didn’t follow the ballot measures or the candidates here. I figured the people living in Manzanita would know best how to vote for this community. I voted in Portland where our primary residence was and where I’d lived for most of my life.

After a year we decided we loved living here so much we’d make the big step and be full-timers, letting our STR license lapse this year and making a new life here in Manzanita.

In order to determine our residency I looked at ORS.247.035, which gives you a list to figure it all out. It includes where your primary mailing address is, where your driver’s license is issued, where you file your state and federal taxes, where your car is registered, the address from which your utilities are paid. Pretty straight forward, right?

But nothing in legalese is simple to discern because the statute reads in 1. a):

“The person’s residence shall be the place in which habitation is fixed and to which, when the person is absent, the person intends to return.”

Does this mean that a second homeowner could decide to vote in Manzanita? Intention is one of those slippery slope words that means what you decide it means.

But then later on in ORS.247.035 1.c):

“A person shall not be considered to have gained a residence in any location in this state into which the person comes for temporary purposes only, without the intention of making it the person’s home.”

That seems opposite!

I emailed the Oregon Secretary of State’s office about this and they referred me back to the residency requirements. Where does your mail go? Where is your car registered? Where is your license issued?

It takes awhile to get to know a place and Ben and I decided to wait to change our voter’s registration until we made the commitment to stay put. We voted here this May for the primary and are looking forward to voting here this fall.

What I didn’t know about before I lived here full-time was a lot. I didn’t know how polarized the community was about the City Hall, workforce housing, STR’s, where the best clamming is. I didn’t know how short-term rentals effected livability for so many folks or how much revenue the vacation rental industry generates for the city.

All I knew was that if I asked questions about stuff that was controversial I was likely to wish I hadn’t. Especially, on what I like to call Anti-Social Media. The anonymous nature of Facebook etc seems to unleash the inner middle-schooler in too many people. But this isn’t about that.

To me, voting is a sacred duty and democracy a fragile institution that will fail without our civic and civil engagement. Playing fast and loose with the rules or our words isn’t respectful to all those who died for the rights we take for granted.

The next election is bound to be just as intense as the last one but we have choices to make about how we behave. We could, if we wanted to, have discussions instead of debates about the issues we care about. We could refuse to spread gossip and hateful words about those who disagree with us. We could agree to disagree. We could treat each other with respect.

I think the measure of a person isn’t how they treat those they like and agree with but how they treat those with whom they differ. That doesn’t mean we don’t have hard, honest conversations about difficult things with the people we don’t agree with. In fact, that’s where the solutions lie.

Just imagine what we could do if we played well together?

Kim Rosenberg

Memorial gathering for Virginia Woodward Saturday August 13

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Memorial gathering for Virginia Woodward
Saturday August 13, 1-3 pm at White Clover Grange

The White Clover Grange is hosting a memorial gathering for long time Grange member and Nehalem resident Virginia Woodward (May 8, 1930-June 3, 2022).
Please join with family and friends to share stories and celebrate Virginia’s memory.

White Clover Grange
36585 Hwy 53
(1.2 miles north of the Mohler Coop)

For more information call
Marie Scovell
503 368-5674

Miscellaneous items for sale

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Hello BBQ,
Calls: 503-368-7205

⭐ Beautiful Outdoor Marble Fire Pit Table w/ 4 Chairs included. $450-

⭐Outdoor white Wicker patio furniture $500

⭐ Vintage Rod Iron Patio furniture (round table & 2 chairs) nice patina $300-

⭐12 Inch Hunting Knife w/ Leather Holder $100-

⭐Contracting Stud Finder Kit worth several 100 asking $100-

⭐2 Electric Paint Spray Guns for interior or exterior $50- each

⭐Toshiba laptop for use or parts $100

⭐Samsung Galaxy At&t phone $100

⭐Camping Gear:
*New tent
*Two new sleeping bags
& Much More!
(Make Offer)

⭐mini fridge $55.00

⭐Custom paintings (each one different price/ will send pix if interested)

Tiny Home Site or Roommate Opportunity wanted

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$600 / 1br – 150ft2 – Tiny Home Site or Roommate (Nehalem)
1BR / splitBa 150ft2 available aug 5

laundry on site
no smoking
off-street parking
no private bath
private room
rent period: monthly

I have an acre of steep forested land and a small two-bedroom home. I potentially have space for a tiny home, either to park, or to build your own space. I also have a spare room to use while you’re setting up your own space.

I’m open to long-term for the right person, or temporary if you’re passing through.

No pets, I have cats and there are many wild animals. I would make exception for right person with well behaved dog if not living in my home or if they travel with you (I’m not going to baby-sit a pet).

I’m liberal so please don’t bother responding if that is something you don’t like. Not heavy drinking/drugs, must pass background check and provide references.

Must provide first/last and security deposit.

Must have proof of local employment.

Must have own transportation, there isn’t public transport nearby.

If you’re interested please email me with information about what you’re looking for, verify that you meet the requirements, and provide a phone number and email, as well as first and last name.

CHILD Program & Back to School

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Thank you to all who are supporting the CHILD Program run by the Methodist Church in Nehalem. You are helping our kids with back to school clothing and supplies. Today I have 6 girls on my list who need back to school supplies. All the following Girls need backpacks and water bottles, #163B, age 11, grade 6, #166B,age 12, grade 7, #131B,age 13, grade , #168A, age 14, grade 9, #170A, age 15, grade 10, and #176A, age 15, grade 10. All 6 of these girls need school supplies including: pens/pencils, pencil sharpener, erasers, colored pencils, scientific calculator, protractor, ruler, scissors, highlighters, glue sticks, pocket folders, spiral notebooks (college rule) composition book (college rule), 3 ring zippered binder, 2 1/2 inch 3 ring binder, and notebook paper (college rule). The CHILD program would like all these items collected and back to the church with their tag numbers by August 13th. Items can be returned to the Methodist Church in Nehalem. If you have questions please call CHILD, 503-368-5612. Again, many thanks for getting our kids off to a great start this school year.


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The City of Nehalem will have the position of Mayor and all City Council positions on the ballot in the November 8, 2022 General Election. All positions are non-partisan. All positions are volunteer/non-paid. Terms begin January 2023. Although City Council position terms are typically 4 years, due to appointments to fill unexpired terms, some positions are for 2 year terms, as noted below.

Position Currently held by 2022 Election Term
Mayor Bill L. Dillard, Jr. Normal 2-year term
Council Position 1 Hilary Howell Normal 4-year term
Council Position 2 Ruben Bitts Special 2-year term
Council Position 3 Dave Cram Special 2-year term
Council Position 4 Phil Chick Normal 4-year term

Candidates must be a qualified voter and have resided in the City limits for at least one year immediately preceding the election.

Filing forms are available at City Hall or on the city website at

• Filing forms must be brought to Nehalem City Hall for approval before gathering signatures. (Please call ahead for an appointment.)

• Forms must be returned to Nehalem City Hall by August 15, 2022 to allow time for the city to submit the filing to the County Clerk for signature verification before filing closes on August 30, 2022.

For more information, visit or contact the City Elections Officer below:

City of Nehalem
Melissa Thompson-Kiefer, City Manager/Recorder
PO Box 143
Nehalem, OR 97131


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3 Leg Torso formed in 1996 as a violin, cello and accordion trio with the mission of creating modern chamber music for their unique instrumentation.

Over the following years, the ensemble, now a quartet, have been performing original compositions based on an eclectic mix of chamber music, tango, klezmer, Latin, and Roma (Gypsy) music.

As principal composers, founding members Béla R. Balogh (violin, trumpet, octave mandolin) and Courtney Von Drehle (accordion, saxophone) provide the core of 3 Leg Torso’s sound. They will be joined by unique musicians T.J.Arko and Bill Athens.

3 Leg Torso’s international reputation includes composing music for a United Nations documentary in Thailand, recording music for Deutsche Komtel in Germany and providing theme music for a Bosnian television series.

This will be their long awaited second appearance at NCRD.
3 Leg Torso is a great show for the family!
Children under 12 will be admitted for free!


36155 9TH STREET, NEHALEM 855-444-6273


Emerging from the Deep: Artist Reception!

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The Cannon Beach Gallery invites you to our “Emerging from the Deep” artist reception. Saturday August 6 from 4:30 – 6:30PM. Meet the artists, enjoy refreshments, and view the work.This exhibit will be on view July 27 – August 28, 2022

About the Artists:

Pam Greene:

My daily life looks west to the Pacific. The background roar is a soundtrack of increasing and decreasing volume in step with the magnitude of tidal force. These paintings hold within them my experiences as an artist on the edge of the ocean.

The arrival and retreat of the sea is as predictable as clockwork, and yet unknowable in final form. The hypnotic shoreward surge rearranges itself into sets, no two ever the same.

There are days with green and blue waves, (more than a few) gray days, aqua and mint days, and precious, spectacular days of turquoise, emerald, sapphire and gold. There are days when the depths are concealed by reflections of the sky above, and days of transparency.

The waves leave behind a sculpted landscape of quiet pools, windows into the world of mysterious life below.

Each day the shoreline is restored, and for those who love the ocean, we are restored as well.

With an MFA in art and design from Stanford, and an undergraduate degree in botany, I am a perpetual observer of nature’s inspiring forms. I learned to paint in oils in the early 70’s, and have been painting ever since. In 1988 I moved to Oregon, where my visual perceptions were further shaped by a 30-year career of shoe design and innovation at Nike. I’ve been painting Central Oregon and the Oregon Coast professionally since 1994.

As an innovator, I approach each painting as something of an experiment. I like to be surprised as the composition emerges, and create balance with distilled, delineated shapes using brushstrokes aiming to capture nature’s spontaneity. The resulting pieces have a graphic quality with influences from my many years of travel to East Asia, and study of East Asian art.

My work is represented in private collections nationally and internationally, and available through the Portland Art Museum’s Rental Sales gallery.

MJ Anderson:

I create sculpture in collaboration with marble, carving a material that once was alive under the sea. Ancient coral reefs and bones from ocean creatures accumulated over millennia on the bottom of changing seas. With geologic shifts and the weight of time, these deposits were highly compressed under extreme heat and pressure and thrust upwards into marble mountains. The quarrying process cuts open these mountains to expose the history of our planet. My marble is from Carrara, Italy – where I have worked for 40 years, bringing sculptures to fruition in my studios both in Carrara and on the Oregon Coast.

TEP- Now Hiring Accounting Manager

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Join the TEP team in beautiful Garibaldi Oregon!

Tillamook Estuaries Partnership now has sustainable funding to support a Accounting Manager full time with benefits.

We are seeking a qualified individual comfortable working closely with grant officers, auditors, partner organizations, federal and state agencies to help manage the finances for our non-profit organization.

For full job description and instructions on applying visit our website at the link below.

Apply by: September 1st, 2022 by 5:00pm PST
Salary range: $45,000 – $58,600

*Bachelor’s degree in accounting, business, or related discipline preferred (work experience and/or Associate’s degree may substitute for the Bachelor’s degree)
*Minimum of five years of experience related to accounting and fiscal management
*Proficiency with QuickBooks (minimum three years experience)
*Proficiency with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and Adobe or other similar software
*Proof of valid driver’s license and current auto liability insurance at time of appointment (and maintained throughout employment with TEP)